The Challenges Are Real

challenge roadsThe Challenges Are Real

In the nonprofit sector we see the challenges on a day to day basis yet we seem to be stuck in ‘doing business as usual’.  Evidence, research and data is documenting a change must occur and change must happen. Are you ready to get off the same old path and take an exit to success with innovation strategies that call for change? documented results of a national survey conducted to assess the perceived challenges organizations face. A combined 63% of nonprofits listed their greatest challenges as funding and awareness. Then add the 21% categorized as ‘Other’ with the majority of that feedback heavily weighted toward describing leadership effectiveness and their resistance to change. This brings to the forefront that a whopping 84% of organizations see the top 3 challenges as, Funding, Leadership Adaptability and Marketing.

The nonprofit environment is shifting and the gap between the large and smaller organizations continues to expand. Add to that a slow recovery from the 2009 ‘recession’, we have a mixture of external influences and internal systems that are attributing to that gap.  The past troubled economy which impacted donations and support will loom large over charities in the coming years, but simply keeping the lights on won’t be the only problem organizations will face. Communities and government are calling for more accountability of the sector, which includes demonstration of their efforts to become self-sustaining.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy also noted several challenges one notably being innovation (and competition) from social enterprises. Excitement about organizations that use a for-profit business model to help solve social and environmental problems is growing. These social entrepreneurs and hybrid for-profit businesses actually can be a great asset to nonprofits. They provide a working model for nonprofit to pursue their missions. Some refer to it as a ‘new’ way, reality is it is actually not a ‘new’ model for nonprofits it just has not been understood or recognized as a reliable and consistent source of revenue that will create self-sustaining organizations.success exit Are you ready to explore this process for success? Which takes us back to our first question, Are you and your leadership ready for change, to take the exit toward success and address the challenges?

There are some great resources for you to take advantage of that will address the challenges of funding, leadership and marketing.


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