Nonprofits – Here’s the Help You Need

bblogo(final)We've all heard the experts and read the reports. To have a viable and sustainable nonprofit organization success starts with the board of directors. They are not the end all and be all but they sure are at the helm of the wheel when it comes to success or failure. Members of the board must be part leader, activists, banker, champion, and more.

However most board members are winging it. Yep, to embarrassed to say, I haven't done this before and really don't know that much about nonprofit governance, leadership, assessment and fundraising. All unique needs of a nonprofit. Especially individuals from the business or corporate sector - we see it all the time. The mindset is, "How hard can it be, I run this business now, I'll just apply the same principles". Or even worse, they feel their role is to just be a conduit for funding, "Just show me the money", and really never pay attention to the actual governance part of their job description as a board member. Don't get me wrong, we love participation of the business sector on nonprofit boards, what we are saying, they too will benefit from board training and support.

So if a nonprofit's success has clearly been documented to evolve out of the strength of their board, why do many nonprofits have marginally effective boards? The answer is simple, they don't invest in their boards. We don't mean finding people to be on the board, we are referring to providing a board with the tools they need to successful. Most are setup for failure.

TPF understands the challenges small to mid-size nonprofits face , it's not a priority or doesn't seem urgent. Programs need to be implemented, fundraising, events - all the day to day activities of surviving.

downloadSo here's the help you need.

Board Bound Leadership Training. Developed by industry experts BBLT is an exemplary program covering leadership, governance, assessment and fundraising. the 4 essential elements of board effectiveness. Individual will gain the understanding and skills needed to be an asset to board. Organizations plan this as a mini-retreat without the overhead, saving extensive time and money. Check this off your 'to do' list and have your board members sign up today for this training. TPF even has a few Capacity Building Awards available to send a team. Don't delay - the next session is Saturday Nov 12th at the Henderson Business Resource Center.

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