Impact and Purpose

The PHILANTREPRENEUR evolved from years of observing, serving and helping others find and live their PURPOSE. Yet it also symbolizes the strategies and mindset needed to let that purpose reach its full potential and have the greatest impact.

Across sectors, in both large and small nonprofit and for profit organizations the philosophies for leadership, growth, and even brand strategies are embracing the 'purpose' of the organization. This has been the premise of nonprofits from their inception but it now is more prevalent in large corporations. They are starting with a purpose statement which answers – WHY do we exist?

Purpose is bigger and deeper than any business goal. When an organization has a clear purpose, it attracts talented personnel, strategic alliances, and loyal customers and the purpose statement is the one that creates the deepest emotional connection with the audience.

Purpose evolves out of a passion that becomes action oriented.purpose plus action

Passion can be selfish and unbridled. Passion is boundless. You can have many passions and spend countless hours on them.

Purpose is focused. Purpose is not selfish and involves serving others, but it’s not servitude. Purpose is singular, requires focus and to choose. But the decision is an easy one when your purpose is compelling.

Passion is what. Purpose is why. Passion focuses on nouns. What do you love? It’s about the objects of your desires. Purpose is your motivation, your why. It brings in action so it focuses on verbs. Purpose completes you.

Together, passion and purpose lead to BIG success!

The Philantrepreneur PURPOSE is your success. Our IMPACT  is building capacity.

Individuals, small or large for profits - Put your  PURPOSE into action, create your WHY. One strategy is your own nonprofit organization.  Learn more today on how to LIVE your PURPOSE - LEAVE a LEGACY.

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