Gift of Impact

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Dr. Victoria Boyd, author of Board Bound Leadership

Gift of Impact

I just got my 5th request (today) to financially support a nonprofit. It's the nature of my work and I expect it. Unfortunately we can't financially support every nonprofit we know.... and I know hundreds.

This is not a complaint, they do need funds however as a professional in the field I look at how effectively will they use my and other donations. No, I don't check that imaginary (to me it's not a valid measure) operations rule of spending less than 15%, or if they claim to be an ALL volunteer group. First I look at their solicitation language. Are they always in crisis mode or do they demonstrate continuing progress. That's just my subconscious method, you may have one too.

However no matter what their appeal strategy, one element and the passion behind my work focused on board develop is a need for a continuous flow of knowledge. I am somewhat biased as a career educator, but the research results are conclusive. The unique nature of nonprofit boards means that they evolve and change constantly. Also if you've read some of my previous articles, you already know that there are no standards or educational requirements to be on a nonprofit board. Therefore consistent training should be in place, not just for new board members as an orientation, but as updates on new trends, keeping up with societal shifts and getting everyone on the same page.

However, the problem with board training is most don't plan for it, feel it is frivolous, or as a spending priority it never makes it on the 'to do' list. So unfortunately most boards are winging it and hoping to get by. This is why I believe the greatest gift they can receive is knowledge.

Here's where the business community can have a huge impact. As a business I'm sure you to get numerous request to donate to nonprofit organizations. Or perhaps you encourage your employees to be engaged as board members. What if you could be assured that the the organizations you support and your employees had the fundamental skills to be successful?

Board Bound Leadership (BBL) was developed to solve these problem and be the resource the need. Making all board members knowledgeable of their roles and responsibilities, plus improve skills as leaders, and take the fear out of fundraising. All element needed to guide organizational success. More important, it will assure the community that their donations are being used wisely.

There's several ways to support the nonprofit community such as sponsor a live training program, sponsor an organization's virtual training license, or gift board members copies of BBL book.

BBL builds long term results and impacts the entire community. Contact us for sponsor details and bulk rates at: