Education is Essential

Education is at the core of our work. We bring to the nonprofit and business sector educational opportunities offered by industry experts, our own training programs, blogs and other training to increase organization and individual effectiveness.

Educational Offerings and Resources

TPF Institute provides virtual training on topics from how to start a nonprofit to board leadership. We aim to provide strategies for the nonprofit sector to thrive and the business community to have beneficial engagement.

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Board Bound Leadership (BBL) offers resources for board development. Most notable is their BBL Certificate Program which provides anyone aspiring to or serving on a nonprofit board  the understanding and skills needed to effectively carry out the roles and responsibilities of board leadership. Visit BBL Learning Library: Board Bound Leadership.

Cause Marketing

Learn the benefits of cause marketing for business and nonprofits.

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Need Personalized support or consulting? We have many topics to select from on a wide range of areas. Get the support and staff development your organization deserves.

BBL: The Four Essential. The book every organization and board member needs to read. A portion of the purchase is donated to TPF.
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