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bblogo(final)We've all heard the experts and read the reports. To have a viable and sustainable nonprofit organization success starts with the board of directors. They are not the end all and be all but they sure are at the helm of the wheel when it comes to success or failure. Members of the board must be part leader, activists, banker, champion, and more.

However most board members are winging it. Yep, to embarrassed to say, I haven't done this before and really don't know that much about nonprofit governance, leadership, assessment and fundraising. All unique needs of a nonprofit. Especially individuals from the business or corporate sector - we see it all the time. The mindset is, "How hard can it be, I run this business now, I'll just apply the same principles". Or even worse, they feel their role is to just be a conduit for funding, "Just show me the money", and really never pay attention to the actual governance part of their job description as a board member. Don't get me wrong, we love participation of the business sector on nonprofit boards, what we are saying, they too will benefit from board training and support.

So if a nonprofit's success has clearly been documented to evolve out of the strength of their board, why do many nonprofits have marginally effective boards? The answer is simple, they don't invest in their boards. We don't mean finding people to be on the board, we are referring to providing a board with the tools they need to successful. Most are setup for failure.

TPF understands the challenges small to mid-size nonprofits face , it's not a priority or doesn't seem urgent. Programs need to be implemented, fundraising, events - all the day to day activities of surviving.

downloadSo here's the help you need.

Board Bound Leadership Training. Developed by industry experts BBLT is an exemplary program covering leadership, governance, assessment and fundraising. the 4 essential elements of board effectiveness. Individual will gain the understanding and skills needed to be an asset to board. Organizations plan this as a mini-retreat without the overhead, saving extensive time and money. Check this off your 'to do' list and have your board members sign up today for this training. TPF even has a few Capacity Building Awards available to send a team. Don't delay - the next session is Saturday Nov 12th at the Henderson Business Resource Center.

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Impact and Purpose

The PHILANTREPRENEUR evolved from years of observing, serving and helping others find and live their PURPOSE. Yet it also symbolizes the strategies and mindset needed to let that purpose reach its full potential and have the greatest impact.

Across sectors, in both large and small nonprofit and for profit organizations the philosophies for leadership, growth, and even brand strategies are embracing the 'purpose' of the organization. This has been the premise of nonprofits from their inception but it now is more prevalent in large corporations. They are starting with a purpose statement which answers – WHY do we exist?

Purpose is bigger and deeper than any business goal. When an organization has a clear purpose, it attracts talented personnel, strategic alliances, and loyal customers and the purpose statement is the one that creates the deepest emotional connection with the audience.

Purpose evolves out of a passion that becomes action oriented.purpose plus action

Passion can be selfish and unbridled. Passion is boundless. You can have many passions and spend countless hours on them.

Purpose is focused. Purpose is not selfish and involves serving others, but it’s not servitude. Purpose is singular, requires focus and to choose. But the decision is an easy one when your purpose is compelling.

Passion is what. Purpose is why. Passion focuses on nouns. What do you love? It’s about the objects of your desires. Purpose is your motivation, your why. It brings in action so it focuses on verbs. Purpose completes you.

Together, passion and purpose lead to BIG success!

The Philantrepreneur PURPOSE is your success. Our IMPACT  is building capacity.

Individuals, small or large for profits - Put your  PURPOSE into action, create your WHY. One strategy is your own nonprofit organization.  Learn more today on how to LIVE your PURPOSE - LEAVE a LEGACY.

Startup Package Startup Package


Get IMPACT with your IMAGE

It is important to realize the impact a professional business address has on growth.

SBA often warns if seeking a business loan, need credit, or credibility that instills confidence and professionalism to those you wish to attract, it is imperative to acquire a physical commercial address location.

A physical location that is zoned for business speaks volumes for your company and its operation. Keep in mind, some lenders may not extend credit or major donors will not consider a gift to a “home-based” operation.

Also keep in mind if you decide to set up a virtual office, make sure that all of the information supplied is identical to the information on your corporate documents. This includes spelling of the company name and the description of your business operation. Consistency and Credibility builds trust.

The caveat is the cost of commercial office space is out of reach for many.  How can you be professional and accountable for expenditures?

There is a perfect solution, a virtual office which provides cost savings options, features and services, plus gain professional credibility with a great address. And then there are those that go even a step further in supporting your success.

Professional Office Services (POS) – a turnkey service which provides all the tools needed to present a professional image, and meet the credit and credibility requirements. Plus what makes POS different is access to training and development support thaHuman Resources And Ceot other ‘virtual office’ systems just don’t offer. There are professionals on staff to help start, file or develop key business and nonprofit components. It is an excellent solution for start-ups, small businesses and nonprofits looking to keep costs low while gaining resources and that professional corporate image.

Based on low monthly memberships, compare the POS fees with other companies. They range widely and often have hidden cost especially for meeting and conference room usage. Do your research you’ll see for a flat monthly fee, you get a business services plus education.

Give your business the professional image you require to get ahead of the competition while you meet the compliance demands from creditors, suppliers and lenders.
POS_printableBlk_wht flyer1Printable PDF

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Experts at Your Fingertips

It‘s not often we have access to industry experts at your fingertips – especially diving deep into two indispensable topics – Marketing and Effective Business plans - for nonprofits and social entrepreneurs. In just about two weeks IMPACT Learning 2015 will welcome international thought impactheaderleaders that bring years of expertise in their sector to share strategies that will impact and benefit your endeavors, efforts and make all that energy worth it. Strategically these topics and presenters were handpicked to offer a unified and cohesive program, which combines two essential elements that every business needs for long term success. Come explore how to best utilize your assets, accentuate your purpose and create a system that works.

IMPACT Marketing

Kellen-1Kicking off the conference is Kellen Kautzman, Partner and director of operations at ADvise Media Group, a multi-faceted advertising company that works with clients to create and maximize their internet presence. Armed with a master's degree in education and former teacher, he made a transition into the world of internet marketing when his blog and Google+ page, ‘What Every Dog Deserves’ zoomed to over 1 million views in less than a year. Now blending his management skills learned in the classroom with a highly creative side, Kellen focuses on maximizing internet marketing strategies via blogs and SEO positioning. His project What Every Dog Deserves now is generating enough money through ads to fund projects dedicated to rescue dogs. Michael R Drew-hi-res-2

Next up for the Impact Marketing day is Michael R. Drew, a maverick who gets results, and known as the world’s most successful book promoter. Founder of Promote a Book he has launched 82 consecutive books onto best-seller lists, with many of them claiming the number one title. Michael from Alberta Canada honed his skills at respected publishers such as Bard Press, Entrepreneur Magazine, Longstreet Press and Thomas Nelson Publishers, on a path to mastering the intricacies of publishing.  An added benefit of working with authors’, he was able to gain from their insights into social trends and recognized to be successful you must adapt to today’s fast-evolving industry. This became the basis for his work and co-authoring the Pendulum bookbook Pendulum—which present a theory that has revolutionized the marketing industry. Michael’s additional skills and strengths in website creation, speaking, career coaching, and his innovational use of personas to intensify the effectiveness of all sorts of writing, he has been a force behind the creation of a new generation of thought leaders.

RTlogow_text-1Let’s take a Road Trip you will never forget.

It is so exciting to have the expertise of Jean Block from New Mexico to JBhead (2)lead 2 days of exploring the huge income benefits of creating a social enterprise business plan. Jean is the industry leader in creating social enterprise business strategies for nonprofits and social entrepreneurs. In the nonprofit sector for more than 50 years she has held key positions and became frustrated that, for the most part, nonprofits were merely cranking out the same fundraising ideas, but expecting different results. In 2003, after attending a presentation on social enterprise she saw the potential to change the sector in a BIG way – a way to diversify revenue, become more self-sustaining, and less reliant on traditional funding sources. After leading 27 nonprofits through a nine-month social enterprise program through SEVbook_JBlockthe National Center for Social Entrepreneurs, she formed Social Enterprise Ventures, LLC (SEV) as a division of Jean Block Consulting. Author of Nonprofit Guide to Social Enterprise: Show me the Unrestricted Money, she created a training program now used nationally. PHibbardJoining Jean in this presentation will be Patrick Hibbard from Florida that has been instrumental in implementing social enterprise models throughout the country and most notably in Guatemala.

As an added feature have both Michael Drew and Jean Block autograph your copy of their books. They may be ordered during registration or a limited supply will be on hand at the conference.

For registration visit: As a special bonus for teams ( the best strategy for implementation) register for the full conference package and bring a guest for free. Simply enter ‘241’ in the checkout comment box and the guest’ name.

Terms and Conditions: The 241 bonus only applies to full registration and only includes one set of books if ordered.

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Problem with Nonprofit Events

I love it when I come across a great article.

This one is from Social Velocity by Nell Edgington and hits the nail on the head regarding events and their value. Gala_Dinner_Set-Up_at_The_Kings_Hall

Some of her key points are the true ROI and to make sure youˊre doing a 'real' assessment of the cost related to putting on the event. To read the entire article click this link - The Problem with Nonprofit Events

Events can be valuable if the 'goal' is correctly identified, but have you explored alternative strategies that donˊt need nearly as much investment (a little) and much less staff time. How about crowdfunding (CF)? Put in the same marketing effort and less output to reach the desired financial goal. Sounds great right?

However, in the marketplace there are hundreds of CF platforms, I know I have researched them for years, and it is important to compare their features based on your needs. There is a new one out there I found that has a intriguing premise - Shared Community wesharelogoor the concept of 'Pay it Forward' is called we$hare Crowdfunding. The platform is one grounded in collaboration, organizations (or individuals) create a community and collectively support each other and then share in the proceeds. It really fits The Philantrepreneur Foundation's philosophy that collaborations and partnerships build stronger organizations and community at large. For example, a smaller or new organization that hasn't yet built a large database or following can benefit from their 'extended family' and collective sharing of resources. It exponentially expands their reach.

I encourage you to explore the concept advantages and invite you to join our community that is just launching. Learn more at:  WeShare/Philan Project

TPF is constantly searching for ways to support the sector. If you have questions about weShare please email us at:   and we schedule a time to chat.

original-logos-2015-Sep-9289-7806771Last note: Have you taken the Philantrepreneur Campus Center needs survey? Please help us collect data on your office and service needs. It only takes about 3 minutes to complete. Access survey here.

The Challenges Are Real

challenge roadsThe Challenges Are Real

In the nonprofit sector we see the challenges on a day to day basis yet we seem to be stuck in ‘doing business as usual’.  Evidence, research and data is documenting a change must occur and change must happen. Are you ready to get off the same old path and take an exit to success with innovation strategies that call for change? documented results of a national survey conducted to assess the perceived challenges organizations face. A combined 63% of nonprofits listed their greatest challenges as funding and awareness. Then add the 21% categorized as ‘Other’ with the majority of that feedback heavily weighted toward describing leadership effectiveness and their resistance to change. This brings to the forefront that a whopping 84% of organizations see the top 3 challenges as, Funding, Leadership Adaptability and Marketing.

The nonprofit environment is shifting and the gap between the large and smaller organizations continues to expand. Add to that a slow recovery from the 2009 ‘recession’, we have a mixture of external influences and internal systems that are attributing to that gap.  The past troubled economy which impacted donations and support will loom large over charities in the coming years, but simply keeping the lights on won’t be the only problem organizations will face. Communities and government are calling for more accountability of the sector, which includes demonstration of their efforts to become self-sustaining.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy also noted several challenges one notably being innovation (and competition) from social enterprises. Excitement about organizations that use a for-profit business model to help solve social and environmental problems is growing. These social entrepreneurs and hybrid for-profit businesses actually can be a great asset to nonprofits. They provide a working model for nonprofit to pursue their missions. Some refer to it as a ‘new’ way, reality is it is actually not a ‘new’ model for nonprofits it just has not been understood or recognized as a reliable and consistent source of revenue that will create self-sustaining organizations.success exit Are you ready to explore this process for success? Which takes us back to our first question, Are you and your leadership ready for change, to take the exit toward success and address the challenges?

There are some great resources for you to take advantage of that will address the challenges of funding, leadership and marketing.


IMPACT Learning 2015 presented by The Philantrepreneur™ Foundation (TPF) is designed to educate and guide individuals and leadership teams to face their challenges – change, marketing and fund development. They will learn about a crucial marketing trend that cannot be ignored and what strategies will impact their effectiveness. Then dive into the step by step process of implementing a social enterprise business model utilizing their valuable assets. TPF has assembled industry experts from across the US and Canada to provide valuable content to help organization make strategic adjustments and navigate the change process.

We want teams to participate.

For organizational teams of 3 or more TPF is offering a discount off regular registration which ends Sept 30th.

Visit  for all the details.

Culture of Learning

A Culture of Learning values continual professional development as vital to ensure continued competency, use of the best and most effective strategies, and demonstrating leadership in your profession. It should be embraced as an ongoing and consistent process and established as a core value internally and externally.

The Philantrepreneur Foundation

 Our mission - Building Capacity through Education and Professional Services…. Here’s WHY!

core valuesMaking Professional Development a Core Value

Training and professional development have rapidly gained traction because enterprises large and small have come to realize that a 'culture of learning' will directly translate into new abilities that can be applied on the job and potentially extend into their personal lives.

A recent article published on the Harvard Business Review (HBR) blog emphasized the merits of organizations that purposefully make professional development a core value. Contributors and experts in the field Robert Kegan, Lisa Lahey and Andy Fleming make the case that work and life aren't necessarily part of a rigid dichotomy, where one area is the source of frustration and stress and the other is the pinnacle of relaxation and calm. Instead, the team argues that the workplace should be a resource of professional and personal growth. HBR explained that businesses with a focus on talent management realized that this approach to professional development must be universal and habitual. In other words, workers from every level need training, it must be encouraged and it must be a continual process.

The Rise of the Learning Culture

A recent report by Deloitte helps put this shift in business culture into context. The study, "Human Capital Trends 2013: Leading Indicators," looks at the modern workforce and recognizes the rise of the talent economy. Globalization, competition and an interconnected workforce are the overarching drivers of the trend toward developing highly talented employees. Peter Pintus, instructor in graduate level organizational development and leadership programs at University of the Rockies, explained that companies need to support a development culture to remain competitive. Accordingly, Pintus identified several positions that are gaining prominence to help businesses foster this type of perspective such as an Executive Coach or Chief Learning Officer. The Executive Coach roll is to focus on leadership and strategic skills, while the Chief Learning Officer would take an active approach to implementing a culture of learning by establishing training initiatives and opportunities for growth.

Not all organizations, especially the growing entrepreneur and nonprofit sectors, have the capacity to internally hire an Executive Coach or employ a Chief Learning Officer. However, that should not be a deterrent to establishing a culture of learning to build capacity. Look for and take advantage of external resources to fill the gap. In fact, entrepreneurs and nonprofits especially should consider these external resources as not only needed services but consider them as a part of your organizational team.

Article Author – Dr. Victoria Boyd, President/Founder of The Philantrepreneur Foundation, has a long career in professional development and education. She is the publisher of The Philantrepreneur Journal and host of The Philantrepreneur Radio Show.

The Philantrepreneur Foundation is a nonprofit organization with a mission to Build Capacity through Education and Professional Services. For more information on the resources and services of the Foundation visit: or

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Two educational opportunities presenting best practices, latest trends and effective systems for successful business or organizational management.  Learn or refresh the tools you need.

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1st Tuesday NPO Training - Starts Feb 3rd!! The main reasons that the failure rate is so high is not because of lack of funds as one might assume but specifically the failure to implement management and operational systems within the organization to effectively and efficiently do the 'business' of being a nonprofit. Learn the must have elements, more sophisticated funding strategies and more to be effective creating and implementing viable plans - Register Here!!

3rd Tuesday Training - In just 2 Days - January 20, 2015 the first class launches! And what better place to start than with the topic Strategic Thinking. Before beginning any Strategic or Operational planning process, the act of Strategic Thinking should come first. Learn to encourage and support innovation as a strategic maneuver. A beneficial process for both entrepreneurs and nonprofits. Register Here!!  


Are you pressed for time, money and resources? Don't have the funds to hire a consultant but need to know how to increase effectiveness and efficiency? The Philantrepreneur Foundation has the solution with training, support and resources to go from surviving to THRIVING.

LIVE Training - Offered every 1st and 3rd Tuesday it is designed to be:

  • Convenient: Make professional development a part of the workplace culture. Plan continuous improvement for you, staff or the entire organization- a key ingredient to success.
  • Affordable: For only $25 or less get quality regular and systemic training facilitated by experts in their field.
  • Content Value Driven: Designed by career educators and professional trainers each class is packed with useful tips, strategies and insight. The goal is to build capacity within individuals and organizations so that we can all have greater community impact for sustainability and growth.

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A Nonprofit FOR Nonprofits!

Tis' the season... on many levels.

You probably heard the buzz about the new kid on the block - The Philantrepreneur Foundation. If not and you support, work in, volunteer, want to starting one, started one, have community partners, donate to or sponsor a nonprofit - I think that just about covers everyone - it benefits your interest to know that there is support for nonprofit to gain the needed services and training that will build their infrastructure so they can THRIVE.

So what are we doing and planning?

With a mission to BUILD CAPACITY THROUGH EDUCATION AND PROFESSIONAL SERVICES, our emphasis it get the knowledge and expertise connected with those that need it. We do that through several channels.

PhilJournal_JAN15_d5i_cover-1The Philantrepreneur Journal - Did you get your copy of the just released January 2015 issue? It is full of tips, strategies, insight and new features. Plus for every issue or subscription - ALL proceeds go to The Philantrepreneur Foundation - Our Gift of Knowledge to you in turn becomes your gift to support our mission. Click here for the January issue.

Volunteers needed!! Education and Professional Services

Our unique Ask an Expert services and Nuts & Bolts Training series are two of our main programs. We seek professional volunteers to share their expertise and knowledge. Become recognized as an expert resource in the AAE Directory, or become one of our Training Facilitators. Your skills and knowledge are needed.

To learn more and get started visit our Volunteer page.

Finally, with 2015 just around the corner it is time to plan for success. Do you have a plan on how you or your business can have a greater impact in the community. Just like a business plan, did you know you can develop a cohesive and aligned strategy that has purpose and profits as unified goals? If you would like to discuss strategies for your business - contact me to set an appointment.

Have a great Holiday!!

WE Cycle

Are you familiar with the concept WE and ME cycles?

Are you a business owner, entrepreneur or nonprofit?

You rely on attracting a target audience know as customers, supporters and donors, right?

If you haven't heard about this marketing theory - one which we at The Philantrepreneur have researched and use several of the premises as the basis for our model - If you don't understand where you've been, how are going to know where you are going... and plan for it. We ground much of the meaningful marketing value on the theory of We and ME cycles.

pendulum book coverThe theory is detailed in the book Pendulum by Michael Drew and Roy Williams. After reading it, I not only understood some of my own yin and yang traits but it actually made sense and validated my WHY.... oh no... another concept - we won't get into the WHY theory here. I encourage you to research the WE and ME cycle concept.  It takes a 1,000 year journey - comparing and contrasting - and finally concluding - history does repeat itself.... so learn from it.


However, the reason I bring this up. We are so excited, Pendulum author Michael Drew will be our featured article for the Spring edition of The Philantrepreneur Journal!! The focus of the issue will be marketing so we will be working with him over the next few months to get his insight and thoughts on 'being' a Philantrepreneur, the importance and application of the WE and ME cycle and the impact it has on meaningful marketing.

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