Problem with Nonprofit Events

I love it when I come across a great article.

This one is from Social Velocity by Nell Edgington and hits the nail on the head regarding events and their value. Gala_Dinner_Set-Up_at_The_Kings_Hall

Some of her key points are the true ROI and to make sure youˊre doing a 'real' assessment of the cost related to putting on the event. To read the entire article click this link - The Problem with Nonprofit Events

Events can be valuable if the 'goal' is correctly identified, but have you explored alternative strategies that donˊt need nearly as much investment (a little) and much less staff time. How about crowdfunding (CF)? Put in the same marketing effort and less output to reach the desired financial goal. Sounds great right?

However, in the marketplace there are hundreds of CF platforms, I know I have researched them for years, and it is important to compare their features based on your needs. There is a new one out there I found that has a intriguing premise - Shared Community wesharelogoor the concept of 'Pay it Forward' is called we$hare Crowdfunding. The platform is one grounded in collaboration, organizations (or individuals) create a community and collectively support each other and then share in the proceeds. It really fits The Philantrepreneur Foundation's philosophy that collaborations and partnerships build stronger organizations and community at large. For example, a smaller or new organization that hasn't yet built a large database or following can benefit from their 'extended family' and collective sharing of resources. It exponentially expands their reach.

I encourage you to explore the concept advantages and invite you to join our community that is just launching. Learn more at:  WeShare/Philan Project

TPF is constantly searching for ways to support the sector. If you have questions about weShare please email us at:   and we schedule a time to chat.

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