The Philantrepreneur Foundation

The Philantrepreneur Foundation is a nonprofit FOR nonprofits.

The nonprofit sector is unique and often misunderstood. Therefore TPF's mission is to help build capacity through education, awareness and resources. These three areas tap into the needs and challenges they face on a daily basis and helps individuals and organizations understand these elements to maximize their impact in the community. We focus on what they need most,

  • Education - to enhance their capacity to manage and create systems that are effective and efficient
  • Awareness - to increase understanding of marketing strategies, language as a tool, and how to connect with the business community.
  • Resources - providing them with the tools and access to best practices and industry leaders

The Philantrepreneur Foundation is here to help. Explore our services, training and member benefits. Sign up to receive our newsletter, event notices and specials. We are here for anything nonprofit. Are YOU a PHILANTREPRENEUR?

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